About Rosefield

Rosefield Uniting Church is located 15 minutes south of Adelaide in Highgate. We are a vibrant church with many active ministries within the church and in the wider community in which everyone can be involved.

Our vision statement is designed to capture the essence of what we’re on about at Rosefield. It reflects our belief that Christianity is not about coming to church – it is about a community coming together to encourage and support each other in their everyday lives, primarily because our response to God is made in our everyday lives as much as in our ‘church life’ – hence we talk about God’s world, not God’s church.

Our vision statement also reflects our belief that God has extended unconditional love and immense grace to us, and that to receive this, nothing is required of us other than to accept it. The acts of worship, service and love that we participate in as a community are a response to God’s goodness – not a requirement placed on us by God, nor a way of earning righteousness or the love of God.