Baptism and your Child

The Gift of a Child and Baptism


At Rosefield Uniting Church we consider children as a gift and in particular, a gift from God.

Many parents want to acknowledge the birth and the uniqueness of their child in some way and we welcome the opportunity to talk with you. It might be your child is a relatively new born or older, in either case we love to celebrate their life with you.

One way in which we think of this is through baptism, where together we acknowledge how special your child is to God. In baptism the church understands that God’s love surrounds your child and through the sacrament becomes part of the wider family of God.

In the Uniting Church baptism always takes place in a worship service as it is considered a celebration of the whole church.

In the service parents make promises to God and to the child to provide opportunities to grow in faith and to take seriously the call to follow Christ. Often later in life, the child reaffirms these promises for themselves and commits to following Christ.

Another option to celebrate a birth is to have a prayer of thanksgiving for the arrival of their child in a worship service. Again we see this as an opportunity to celebrate the gift of life.

Either the baptism or thanksgiving prayer can take place in either of our two morning services or the occasional Sunday Night ”More than Music” gatherings.

The life of your child is precious and we welcome the opportunity to talk with you on how we might celebrate the gift of your child.


Rev Tony Eldridge