Church Centenary

In 2011 we celebrated the founding of our church here in Highgate. We thank God for the faith, sacrifice and foresight of our founders, we praise him for the inspiration of the present and we trust him with the direction and energy for the future.

Our program for the year was as follows:

Program of Events

27th March 2.00pm Hymn Fest

11th June: 7.00pm Celebration Dinner, Fullarton Park community Centre

12th June: 10.00am Worship Celebration & Display of Memorabilia

30th July: 7.00pm Family Concert

16th October: 2.00pm Festival of Flowers and Parade of Wedding Dresses through the ages

6th November: Back to Sunday School and Picnic 10.00 am

Rosefield Reflections Book

A Book has been especially written to mark our Centenary, and is available for purchase for $25.00, plus $4.50 postage and handling for mail order. The order form needs to be completed and either emailed or faxed to the Church office. Copies available .


The Book presents factual information, memories and reflections on years gone by and comprises some 200 pages. The Uniting Church says that “all are gifted for service”. May that ethos be reflected in the accounts of faith and community in this book.

There is also a DVD of photographs available for the cost of $5.00.

Rosefield Rose

Stock of the The Rosefield Rose is no longer available.