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Rosefield Garden Group – meet each Month at the Church on a date and time to be advertised………

Rosefield Memorial Garden

Plans for the Memorial Garden have been placed on the notice board in the foyer. These plans are in the concept stage only and we are seeking comments or suggestions from interested members and users of this space. The Rosefield Garden Group will be responsible  for carrying out the work ( with lots of help we hope ) working with the Property Committee. If you would like more information, feel free to speak to a member of the garden group ( Beryl Solly, John Carrangis, Alice McCleary, Marj Stewart, Betty Hall and Joan Hughes )

3 Crepe Myrtle trees planted November 6th 2015 in Courtyard of Church……



Friday 1st March at 10.30am at the Church. Conditions in the church garden are a little more harsh than our designer expected, and some plants have not flourished as we had hoped. Come along and discuss some options for replacing the struggling species with tougher plants. Bring a small plate to share.



We would love you to join us!………..


Should you require further information of the Garden Group contact Alice McCleary, 0419 808 635