Waikerie Fruit

Through the Waikerie Fruit Project Rosefield UC (and our neighbours, friends, family and colleagues) has the opportunity to support Riverland growers to receive a fairer price for their produce and to keep them on their properties. Many growers are suffering because of drought and lack of irrigation water which has meant low yields and prices not covering their production costs.

Part proceeds also support medical projects to help combat diseases and increase the availability of basic medicines for people in Papua, Indonesia.

The project is a co-operation between the UCA and Almost Organic and involves fruit grown by both members of the Waikerie Christian Churches and other growers. The produce on sale is subject to seasonal availability, however 3kg bags of oranges are available all year round.

Since 2006, the Waikerie Fruit Project has provided Riverland fruit and goods to over 40 congregations in both city and country SA (and other parts of Australia by arrangement). Several grower families have been able to survive only because of this venture. At times the fairer prices received has meant the difference between eating or not.

For more information and to download an order form visit the Waikerie Fruit Page